Мы рады предложить Вам квартиру на продажу в Елхово


  • Недвижимость: 2-комнатные квартиры для продажи в Елхово, Область Ямбол
  • Локация: (Елхово, Область Ямбол )
  • Размер : 63 кв. м.
  • Сад: 0 кв. м.
  • Аэропорт: 110 km приблизительно
  • Спальни: 1
  • Меблированный: Да
  • Развитие:
  • Ref. No.: Е743


Мы рады предложить Вам квартиру в Елхово на продажу. Недвижимость в Болгарии имеет площадь 63 кв.м и состоит из кухни, гостиной, большой спальни, ванной комнаты и туалета и террасы. Расстояние до ближайшего крупного города Ямбола - 35 км, до Бургаса - 110 км, где Вы найдете медународный аэропорт, песчаные пляжи и отличные возможности для шопинга. Недвижимость предлагается в хорошем состоянии и оптимально удовлетворяет соотношение цена-качество. Квартира полностью меблирована и оборудована. Кухня оборудована мебелью, бытовой техникой. В гостиной стоят стенка, мягкая мебель, массивный деревянный стол, кондиционер и холодильник. В спальне расположены кровать, письменное бюро, большой шкаф и кондиционер. Коридор отделан деревом с вместительными шкафами для сохранения одежды. Елхово - это приятный городок с многочисленными магазинами, кафе, ночными клубами и ресторанами с разнообразной кухней. Есть также детские сады и школы, полиция и медицинские центры, а также регулярное автобусное сообщение с соседними населенными пунктами. Асфальтированная дорога в районе обеспечивает легкий доступ к недвижимости в любое время года. Находящиеся рядом река, лес и водохранилище придутся по вкусу любителям природы, пеших прогулок, охотникам и рыбакам. Находящийся вблизи стадион порадует людей, ведущих здоровый образ жизни.

УдобстваЭлектричество, Вода, Дорога, Стадион, Водохранилище, Река, Лес

Основных Местах

  • В сельской местности
  • В рыболовной зоне
  • В охотничьем районе
  • Недалеко от шоссе
  • В маленьком городе
  • В городе

Основные Черты

  • Асфальтированная дорога
  • Вода
  • Электричество

Другие Черты

  • Меблировка
  • Балкон
  • Рядом магазины
  • Возможность дорожной стоянки
  • Внутренняя ванная комната
  • Внутренний туалет

A very high letter of recommendation for Real Estate Agent KIKI(Please, write your full name if you want to go under your full name) Mohammad Abid Hafeez US Citizen February 20th 2022 This letter will serve as my very high letter of recommendation for Real Estate Agent KIKI of Bulgaria, one of the most trusted, educated in Master of Industrial Management and a friend that any foreigners can depend on her Real Estate transaction with confidence. My recent visit to Bulgaria in February 2022, Kiki assisted me and with the purchase of a first home in the City of Granit, CHIRPAN (STARA ZAGORA, Bulgaria. Being an American I have worked with many real estate brokers and agents in Bulgaria on several real estate search during my visit in Bulgaria and can say with confidence that Kiki is the best and result oriented agent/ broker I have ever met her on Google search and used to buy a property in Bulgaria. Kiki has the qualities that make her an extremely successful and effective broker. I can’t say enough about her professionalism and knowledge within the industry, specifically in Bulgaria. She has high integrity and is very conscientious and tenacious, always keeping the clients best interests in mind. My real estate purchase was a small transaction relative to the size of properties and transact ions Kiki normally handles but she treated my me with the same professionalism and courtesies one would expect for a very large transaction. One of the qualities, I respected the most was her honest business style. I recently retired as an Executive from the US Federal Government and working in USA for more than fifty years , I visited a beautiful country and People, didn’t had time to waste. She gets to the point quickly yet professionally, always respecting the clients time. She did a great job of listening to her client’s needs and does not waste time showing properties which do not meet the client’s objectives. She does research to assist with assessing a fair market value of the property for the offer and then negotiates effectively with the opposing broker on behalf of the client. She is extremely responsive to questions, often responding immediately to our late night emails after midnight. She shows great attention to the details enabling the transaction to get done. I have the highest level of confidence in her. Our transaction went very smoothly and I the transaction closed on time without waisted my time. Kiki also helped me to introduce the beautiful, well educated neighbor and when Kiki told them I am an American and buying the property to their next doors, the old couple were extremely happy and welcomed me to her neighborhood. Although I don’t speak Bulgarian language but Kiki helped me as a translator and we shared common interests for more than an hour. After finishing our discussion she walked out and brought for me a fresh fruits from her garden, a symbol of love being her new neighbor. As mentioned above, she represented us on the purchase side of the transaction. She is very smart and transactions can sometime become very complex. I have the highest level of confidence in her and feel she would be able to properly assess any situation and figure out an effective solution. In future transactions, I will only have Kiki as to represent me that I am again in the process of buying an other property , Bulgaria through her. Let me share her Watts Apps telephone number +359 89 842 2816 in Bulgaria. Please, send her the text and your contact number what you want and your budget, etc and she will call you back after reviewing your info and will have something for you based on the info on property you share with her first. Most of her clients are foreigners from UK, Europe, USA and Canada. If you have any questions, I would be happy to email or talk with prospective clients to provide feedback on my very positive experience. Feel free to contact me at Mohammad Abid Hafeez February 20, 2022 Michigan, USA

— Mohammad, USA
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