Small cozy holiday home 8 km from the village of Krapets


  • Недвижимость: Дома для продажи в Добрич, Область
  • Локация: Каварна (Добрич, Область )
  • Размер : 60 кв. м.
  • Сад: 1500 кв. м.
  • Аэропорт: 81 km приблизительно
  • Спальни: 2
  • Меблированный: Не
  • Развитие:
  • Ref. No.: М-9025



BULGARIAN HOUSE offers to your attention, this nice house in a very good location for summer vacation.
Land and house located in Neykovo village, Kavarna region.
The property has an attractive location, just 8km from the sea coast of Krapets. Many beautiful beaches in the region - Durankulak, Krapets, Shabla.
The land is 1211 square meters according to a notary deed + 300 square meters of municipal (one and a half acres in total) fertile black soil. There are walnut, cherry, fig trees in the yard.
The house has a square footage of 60 square meters according to a notary deed and consists of a bathroom with a toilet (boiler), a kitchen, a living room and a bedroom. The floor is a cement screed and allows the laying of the flooring desired by the buyer.
There is also an additional building of 13 square meters that can be used as a storage room or additional room.
The joinery is new, the septic tank is also new, the roof has not been replaced, it has been repaired.
Beautiful little vacation house. It can easily be rented for the season.

Neikovo is a village in Northeastern Bulgaria, part of Kavarna Municipality, Dobrich Region. It is located 26 km north of the town of Kavarna, 55 km east of the town of Dobrich, 16 km northwest of the town of Shabla, 8 km from the village of Krapets, 81 km northeast of the town of Varna and 10 km from Durankulak . Infrastructure in the village is good. A community center with a library and a temple were built. Medical care is provided by a general practitioner in the village of Belgun, 8 km west of the village of Neikovo, and there is a hospital in the town of Kavarna. The nearest all-day kindergarten and primary school are located in the village of Septemvriytsi, 5 km west of the village, and there is a secondary school on the territory of the town of Shabla. Access to the village of Neikovo is via an asphalt road. The village is electrified and water supplied. There is regular bus transport to the town of Kavarna and the surrounding villages. The proximity to the Black Sea makes the village of Neikovo quite attractive. The area offers wonderful conditions for fishing, rural, underwater, archaeological and golf tourism.

Основных Местах

  • Около города
  • Рядом с морем
  • В рыболовной зоне

Основные Черты

  • Земельный участок
  • Асфальтированная дорога
  • Вода
  • Электричество

Другие Черты

  • Септик

Dear Kiki Thank You so much for your kind message. By You and your partners, de find this beautiful place to live peacefully. Matilda service is very good. Without Her, we will not make this giant move in Bulgaria. Thank You the Team. Thank You Kiki for.your Love and kindness.

— Jean Louis, France
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